Plusminus jigsaw ‘Gorilla’ / ‘Panda’ / ‘Tiger’ / ‘Rhino’

42The Product

‘+/-‘ is focused around the Plusminus card game. The artwork used for this card game uses endangered species. We upscaled the resolution from the playing card format so they are optimized for the larger jigsaw format.

The Endangered Species Awareness Theme

By using endangered species as a topic, we want to promote awareness for the players to this theme.

The Product Range

  •  The jigsaw collection. There is a total of 4 jigsaws available
    • Gorilla
    • Panda
    • Tiger
    • Rhino
  • Plusminus the card game

Product specifications

The Plusminus jigsaw consists of:

  • The artwork of the endangered animal, including its specific background
  • The artwork of the jigsaw box
  • The client has the possibility to decide on the number of jigsaw pieces/format they want to use

(example 68*48,5cm 1000 pieces) for the production


Game inventor: Arne Lauwers.

Artwork: Het Geel Punt bvba.

Licensor: Lauwers Games BV

Worldwide rights are available

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