Gnome Race the board game

The Product

Gnome Race‘ is a 2-4 player board game using the theme of the racing gnomes. You need to be the first to get your entire team to the finish. But beware there are many challenges. Such as the evil wizards that will cast spells on you, the living forest that makes the board come alive. Are you witty enough to find enough gold to bribe the wizards and find shelter under the sacred trees?


The Unique Twists

This board game comes with some innovative game techniques making it quite unlike any other board game. It is the perfect pastime for 2,3 or 4 players for many hours. This game is the centerpiece of the Gnome Race property.

The stunning artwork is of the hand of the acclaimed ‘Het Geel Punt’.

The product range

Gnome Race is a ® brand of Lauwers Games BV.

The product range is composed out of:

  • Gnome Race the board Game
  • Gnome Race the board Game ‘Millionaires edition’
  • Gnome Race the jigsaws
    • Drilling Machine
    • Gnome Inn
    • Start
    • Wizards
  • Gnome Race the Travel Games
    • Radio Frogs
    • 3 2 1 Gnome
    • Land-A-Gnome
  • Gnome Race e-book stories
    1. Brumm needs a team
    2. Brumm needs gold
    3. Brumm needs practice
    4. Brumm saves his team
    5. Brumm saves the queen
    6. Brumm and the amulets
    7. Brumm and the sacred trees
    8. Brumm and his tricycle
    9. Brumm and the cup of glory
    10. Brumm and the happy blue berries
  • Expandable ad infinitum (spinoffs, figurines,…)

Product specifications

The Gnome Race the board game consists of:

  • The artwork of the board, with its moving inner part
  • The artwork of the 12 playing pieces
  • The artwork of the 2 D6 dice
  • The game rules
  • The artwork of the box
  • The artwork of the spell cards
  • The artwork of the golden coins
  • The artwork of the amulet cards


Game inventor: Arne Lauwers.
Artwork: Het Geel Punt bvba.
Licensor: Lauwers Games BV
Worldwide rights are available

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