Ahrbol jigsaw Jungle

50The Product

‘Ahrbol Jigsaw’ is a set of 6 jigsaws each of them depicting one of the 6 themed worlds of Ahrbol.

The Unique Twists

The Ahrbol jigsaws are quite unique in that sense that they come in a unique ‘cigar shaped’ format. Furthermore upon completion the jigsaw becomes a playfield and turns into a game.

The stunning artwork is of the hand of the acclaimed ‘Het Geel Punt’ studios and is the same artwork as used in Ahrbol 3D.

The product range

Ahrbol is a ® brand of Lauwers Games BV.
The product range is composed out of:

  • Ahrbol 3D
  • Ahrbol the card game
  • Ahrbol the jigsaws
    • Snow&Ice
    • City
    • Jungle
    • History
    • Sea
    • Space
  • Ahrbol educational version
  • Expandable ad infinitum (spinoffs, clothing line, collectibles, additional artwork for v2,v3,…)


Product specifications

The Ahrbol Jungle jigsaw consists of:

  • The artwork of the Jungle theme in its unique cigar shape
  • The artwork of the jigsaw box
  • Simple set of game rules to make the jigsaw into a game upon completion of the jigsaw
  • The client has the possibility to decide on the number of jigsaw pieces/format they want to use (example 68*48,5cm 1000 pieces) for the production


Game inventor: Arne Lauwers.

Artwork: Het Geel Punt bvba.

Licensor: Lauwers Games BV

Worldwide rights are available

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