Ahrbol card game

The Product

‘Ahrbol Card Game’ is the supporting card game within the Ahrbol property. It can be played by just 2 players up to a whole group.



The Unique Twists

All players play at the same time, minimal difficulty level and maximum fun. The various mechanics (2 included) will use standard size playing cards being put on the table. Each and every playing card contains a bit of the artwork of Ahrbol. There are 100 cards in total. All the card game mechanics can be played with 2 players up till a whole group and everybody plays at the same time. Again we wanted to add something to the card game so it becomes more than a card game and we can up the price point. With the card game we added a ‘letter dice’. It is a D6 with 4 letters on each side. Included games are:

  • The speed game
  • The ABC game


The product range

Ahrbol is a ® brand of Lauwers Games BV.
The product range is composed out of:

  • Ahrbol 3D
  • Ahrbol the card game
  • Ahrbol the jigsaws
    • Snow&Ice
    • City
    • Jungle
    • History
    • Sea
    • Space
  • Ahrbol educational version
  • Expandable ad infinitum (spinoffs, clothing line, collectibles, additional artwork for v2,v3,…)


Product specifications

Ahrbol the card game consists of:

  • 100 playing cards
  • A special d6 letter dice
  • The game rules



Game inventor: Arne Lauwers.
Artwork: Het Geel Punt bvba.
Licensor: Lauwers Games BV
Worldwide rights are available

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