Ahrbol 3D

ahrbol-achtergrondThe Product

‘Ahrbol 3D’ is the perfect party game. It is an all season’s product that is huge fun to play and to see being played. It is an off the board & off the table I-spy-with my eye game using a beach ball for a 3D playfield.


The Unique Twists

It has a great WOW factor. It can be thrown around (active play) and is water resistant. It is suited for sales worldwide as Ahrbol is free of language only 1 version needs to be made of the ball. It is edgy, innovative, competitive, addictive, in your face 50/50 boy & girl. It can entertain a whole group (+4 persons). It is a mom purchased, family game. Suited for all ages (including teens, tweens, 30+ & including senior citizens). Is stimulates social brain training is interactive& fast-paced. It is a physical, social and mental skill developing game. Very important is comes with an instant play game experience. I can be played both indoor and outdoor game. It has very simple game rules and is short in duration. Finally you cannot lose any parts (ie. game rules are part of the pouch.)


The product range

Ahrbol is a ® brand of Lauwers Games BV.
The product range is composed out of:

  • Ahrbol 3D
  • Ahrbol the card game
  • Ahrbol the jigsaws
    • Snow&Ice
    • City
    • Jungle
    • History
    • Sea
    • Space
    • Ahrbol educational version
  • Expandable ad infinitum (spinoffs, clothing line, collectibles, additional artwork for v2,v3,…)


Product specifications

Ahrbol 3D consists of:

    • Ahrbol 3D inflatable beach ball
    • Pump to inflate the beach ball
    • Special carrying pouch (you don’t just buy a beach ball you buy the whole Ahrbol experience)



Game inventor: Arne Lauwers.

Artwork: Het Geel Punt bvba.

Licensor: Lauwers Games BV

Worldwide rights are available

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